That 10 seconds of fear……. Blood going cold where has my child gone?

This can all be a thing of the past with your child or family member wearing a My Buddy Tag.

They are currently £42.99 on our website


Day’s out and holiday’s in the past have been so stressful for us my son will sometimes just do a runner on me when he is in sensory overload and I have to chase after him. But the most worrying time is when he just wanders off in his own little world…. There was a cat over there I wanted to see…… or I saw a Minecraft figure that I haven’t got yet and needed a better look….. Or I wanted to go swimming.

To him he can’t understand why I would be worried that I couldn’t find him. The Buddy Tag for us has calmed that down. He wears the band all the time and it’s kept on by a small little screw its waterproof so he wears it in the shower etc. you don’t have to wear it on a band you can hide it in a pocket or a coat or on a pair of shoelaces.

This is not a GPS system it is to know when your child has got too far away it links up with an app on your phone and you can change the specifics like if it touches water to send an alarm on holiday this was a massive worry for us as he would just jump in and not remember arm bands etc. also you can set the alarm to go off at different distances.

You can also have more than one tag attached at the same time so if you have twins they can both wear them, you can select vibration or different ring tones to alert you. Also the band the person wears has a panic button on, we have found this great as my son can tell me very discreetly he’s had enough when we are out. If your child is lost it will tell you there last location. And also tells you how much battery percentage you have left.

Recently like a lot of you I have been watching The A Word I think I have said on every episode ‘ohhh I wish Joe had a Buddy Tag on him’ It has highlighted the risk to parents of all children not just Autistic Children, unfortunately it can happen to anyone.

On a day out and holidays (airports especially) I have found this so helpful as also it doesn’t just have to be your phone if Grandma is taking them out she can just have the app downloaded on her phone. It has given my son a lot more independence which is what we are striving for and gave us a far less stressful holiday.

Also to be aware these don't just have to be used with just kids, people who suffer with things like alzheimers or learning difficulties could benefit from one also to keep them independent as long as possible.