We wanted to do a competition were the kids could be involved and you get to have some fun as a family as we all need a bit more fun in our lives. We had a competition recently and the lovely Amber won with her brilliant idea for the names of our 3 little bendy wire men Hyper, Mo and Billy (Hypermobility) We loved her suggestion and thought it was really fitting.

We as a family had a monkey teddy called Mikey that we took on holidays to show my big brother Mike who lives abroad what we were up to and took silly photos for him like Mikey in the Jacuzzi, a day out at the park etc. We wanted to recreate this so you could all join in too.
We wanted this to be something lots of you could do so we picked the bendy men as they are easy to take around and not expensive. We want you to take photos of Hyper, Mo and Billy in all different places and doing different things or celebrating your weeks achievements so we can raise awareness of hypermobility and Multi-sensory World whilst also having some fun as a family planning what funny photos you can take and every month we will pick a winner and send them a little prize.

Good Luck and have fun :-)