So today we are on the subject of Oral Sensory issues- chewing, spitting, and licking. We never had a problem with this until 2 and half years ago a teacher my son had at the time (who he really liked) told us he was going to be leaving after Christmas. It was almost straight away (not sure if it was linked) we noticed little man biting everything in sight and his fingers and hands to the point of bleeding.

So we invested in chew jewellery we have tried soooooo many different types but he chewed through a lot until I spoke with the lovely lady at Chewigem and she recommended a new thicker button they were doing. So it’s safe to say we are a bit of an expert on this subject now. We can tell you which has had better results for people biting fingers (eternity pendants) and which is great for little ones to try out (Tread bracelet) and a lot of other types we can now lead you in the right direction and from feedback I’m happy to say we are getting it down to a fine art now. But we wanted to try and give him some strategies to use alongside the chew jewellery as people do stare at him a lot but also a lot are very understanding but we all know kids can be really cruel.

So I asked our wonderful OT’s for some ideas so they explained that he is oral seeking and to give him things in his sensory diet to give him that oral input. So we now use straws lots I found some fun silly straws and some construct-a-straws to make it a bit more fun and we made smoothies and thick milkshakes to suck up through the straws which calmed it down slightly but we still needed more so I kept looking and found the floating ball blower well we had a hit straight away giving him some visual reward (the ball going up) made him so excited to do it and a mixture between the straws and the ball blower it really has calmed it down. A few other ideas lollipops, blow football, crunchy foods (celery is little man’s fav!!) and chewing gum for older kids. I’m not saying it’s a miracle and it’s all stopped but it has calmed it down considerably.

Onto the licking and spitting and all things saliva related an idea I came up with for a little one licking at the autism show were our finger toothbrushes by the end of the show his mum came back for 5 more as the chew jewellery wasn’t working for him but the soft silicone bristles on the finger toothbrush gave him an amazing sensation and its see through so very discreet and lots more bought to try after seeing him.

We recently have developed the new sensory issue of spitting especially in bed, but also everywhere else too!!! It took me a few days to get my head around it (I’m not a saint I shouted) and realised it was a sensory issue and he couldn’t help it as he kept saying ‘it’s just coming out’ finally after stalking outside his bedroom one night to watch what he was up to, to get over half of his bed soaking wet I had my answer he was playing with it. We then realised this was him seeking a kind of clean messy play he hates all the sand and glitter people do in messy play but give him water beads and gelli baff it’s a whole different messy play and has calmed the spitting down in bed an awful lot, still working progress this one as its ever evolving little man’s sensory needs and this is our newest thing good luck to you all and remember if you need any advice send me a message on facebook or an email and i would be happy to try and help :-)