We have soooo many asking about brushing teeth we too used to have a nightmare with this, screaming and really extreme violent behaviour twice a day, putting my son in such a bad mood before school or going anywhere and again just before bedtime became such a nightmare, sending him so hyper it would then take me ages to calm him down again.
To be honest I thought he was just being a bit of a pain (like all us parents do when we are busy with daily life and not recognising that actually my Sensory Kiddo is not being naughty he's actually really struggling) We tried every toothpaste we could find but none of them helped with the constant war on teeth.
Well you will be happy to know my son age 10 now just goes and brushes his teeth. He's never gonna be a big fan of it but he can cope with it now, without the whole street knowing it's that time of day again.
How did we do it? We met the lovely ladies from Oranurse(We love them here at Multi-sensory World they are always so friendly and helpful) I remember the first time I met them I was so excited to try the unflavoured toothpaste with my son because as they explained about it realisation hit actually he's not been being a pain it was actually really distressing for him with the other toothpastes we had been trying.
Oranurse Toothpaste- Multi-sensory World
Now he's older and can communicate better he's explained it's like he's on fire and it's burning all his  mouth and stays like that for about an hour after, so the hyper behaviour was him in pain not being a crazy hyper kid like I first thought. They also gave us a finger toothbrush, I never thought something so simple would make it far easier for him to actually feel his teeth as a lot of people with Sensory Issues struggle with Tactile Perception (feeling things properly) so seem very clumsy and struggle with motor skills. This can also be Signs of Dyspraxia but in my sons case his motor skills are very up and down depending on mood and whats going on around him at that moment so he isn't Dyspraxic but looks at times that he is really severely. The finger toothbrush has worked to give some people more independence and more control.
A few others have used the finger toothbrushes for licking as they are transparent they are pretty discreet i came up with the idea one year at the Autism show with a very desperate mum struggling with her son licking everything in sight we tried it on him at the show and his mum is now forever grateful as she no longer gets licked. I think as a company we try and find solutions more for people as we know that desperation feeling of not having a clue what to try next and want as much as possible to eliminate that feeling for families.
Finger Toothbrush- Multi-sensory World
Don't get me wrong not all children with Sensory issues struggle with brushing teeth but it is a really common thing with children with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism and lots of other Special needs and also Dementia Patients we have had some lovely success stories recently. We also sell a few variations of Toothbrush Timers Robots and Owls. To make it a visual thing to know how long 2 Minutes actually is. Perfect for visual learners.
One of our review team has recently done really well with brushing her teeth. It makes such a difference to families this small thing can cause so much distress and then puts everyone in a bad mood for the day, and believe me i don't miss the bites i used to get for trying to make him brush his teeth so its win win for everyone, just to try it out.
Oranurse- Multi-sensory World

Here is a Review from Olivia-Angel and her lovely mum. Thank you for the toothpaste and finger toothbrush. At first Olivia-Angel was a bit dubious about it, so she tasted the toothpaste with her tongue.... Now she can't get enough of cleaning her teeth!! A very happy customer :-) We check up every so often and Olivia-angel is still doing great with brushing her teeth.

We have a little guy on on review team who is trying it out now, hopefully we have the same success for him here was the first message from mum so we will give you an update on Arlo soon but it sounded very positive so far- Thank you so much for Arlo's finger toothbrush and unflavoured paste. He was over the moon to receive his parcel again! He asked could he brush his teeth straight away!! We always have difficulty with him brushing his teeth so I was really pleased! He loved both the brush and paste and has been asking to brush his teeth a few times already!

If you have any questions about the toothpaste please get in touch we have 0-3, 4+ and original toothpaste available on our website and we have just started a new thing that you can order a sample of the Unflavoured Toothpaste to give you a chance to try it first CLICK here.