Fidget Pad Controller

  • Fidget Pad Controller
  • Fidget Pad Controller
£5.00 (was £6.00)
These are the new upgraded version of the fidget cube. 
  • 9 FIDGETING FEATURES: All-round relief for your stress and anxiety: Joystick (xbox/PS), 4 buttons 2 silent, 2 noisy(pen clicks), Roller (finger massage), Gear clicker (combination lock), Texture corner (thumb massage), Spring Switch (paddle always resets to same position), Lanyard connection (hold, carry, tie, swing it), Spin Dial (circular motion fidget), Flick switch (light switch satisfaction).
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE, ALL AGES: At the office, commuting, in class, break-time, studying, waiting, in a meeting, watching TV. The Fidget Pad will help you stay calm, relieve stress & anxiety, and increase focus & attention.
  • BOTH SILENT AND CLICKING: Some buttons make sound when fidgeting while others not. So you can decide which function are the most suitable to fidget with according to the place that you are in.
  • There are so many types of these and we have sampled lots and found these to be the best quality.