Subscription to Sensory Club


By buying this yearly membership you (1person) will gain access to an ever growing closed Facebook group. This will be where we share all the sensory activities from now on that we find and do ourselves. If you are looking for specific ideas we will try and help you come up with solutions.

This group will be where we share our discount codes and let you pre-order new products especially our Christmas lines that are always heavily in demand. By joining this group we would like for you as parents/ carers/ professionals/ or a person with additional needs to not feel so lost in the crazy world of Sensory.

For those doing or wanting to do Sensory diets we will be showing you how we implement ours and monitor and change it around for as things change. We will be adding videos of sensory diet activities.

Facebook live question and answer sessions will also be available as well as private individual help in needed.

We will be sharing lots of blogs from professionals/ families and people with additional needs themselves.

We want this to be a positive place where people can come and have a rant and get some helpful ideas of how to try and help the situation.

Once you have paid for your membership we will add your email address to the facebook group when we are doing the orders so it won't always be straight away if this isn't for the correct person please just send us an email to to get it sorted.

We will be adding more and more to the group all the time

Enjoy Sensory Club