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Talking Hearts. Deliver your message with the power of sound using this unique Talking Heart MP3 Player. Add sound to your gifts and crafts by downloading a voice message, music or sound effects. Press the Heart to hear your message or use the built-in light sensor. Play one single message or store multiple MP3 files to playback randomly after each activation.

  • Give your soft plush toys a voice
  • Create a talking gift tag for a bunch of flowers
  • Make a talking fridge magnet
  • Add sound to a personalised cushion
  • Create a ‘Get Well Soon’ talking balloon weight
  • Make a surprise talking gift box using the light sensor activation
  • Send a special message to family living abroad
  • Create a priceless keepsake by recording your baby’s heartbeat
  • Make a talking photo frame
  • Add a voice message to a notice board
  • Add words to a sensory game

  • Download your own speech, music or sound effects in MP3 audio file format
  • Two playback options: Press to play or use the built-in Light Sensor
  • Playback one single file or store multiple files to play randomly
  • Download, delete and renew your MP3 files as many times as you wish
  • USB socket for file transfer from a computer, (compatible with PC or Mac)
  • Includes rear wall mounting holes and a lanyard loop

  • Built-in flash memory: 4MB (4 Mega Bytes)
  • Recommended MP3 file format: 128kbps, 44.1kHz, 16 Bit, MONO
  • MP3 files with the above specification provide approx 4 minutes of playback time
  • Convert MP3 files to 64kbps to achieve approx 8 minutes of playback time
  • USB Data Transfer Cable for MP3 file downloads, (included in the box)
  • Battery power: Requires 3 x AAA batteries, (not included)
  • USB socket type: Micro-B
  • Size: 85 x 85 x 25mm