Need more sleep? Then this is the product for you.

Sleep Problems effect the whole family not just the person who can’t sleep.

Sleep deprivation can cause major side effects on a person and child.

Many of its symptoms are easily recognisable, including excessive daytime sleepiness; frustration or worry about sleep; problems with attention, concentration, or memory; extreme mood changes or irritability; lack of energy or motivation; poor performance at school or work; and tension headaches or stomach aches.

My son H really struggles with shutting off to go to sleep and this then causes sensory overload and then it takes him even longer to drift off.

When he is more stressed out sleep gets worse so the month before Christmas we were already seeing it was harder and harder to get him to sleep.

Then I got a voicemail from a lady who had designed a sleep aid product. Well any momma with a child not sleeping will try anything so I rang Mel back and had a lovely conversation about how she wants to help more families out so we got a FIDGETBUM sent out.

H was very excited to try it out as he would like to try anything before having to take medication. So first night we tucked him in and got him comfy and let him realise he can still get out if needed to go to the toilet. So obviously he had to test the theory… hey.

We then sat in bed wondering if he would be out again in 2 seconds and he didn’t and within 20mins was asleep. We were made up but realised it could just be a novelty, but the biggest surprise was when he was still asleep at 8am the next morning, I really had to keep popping my head in to see if he was ok but he was just fast asleep.

For sure I got a lot done that day as I thought it could just be a fluke. But it has been 7 weeks now and he is still sleeping so much better than ever he said its like having a hug all night. He’s brighter in the mornings and a lot readier to learn.

So as normal we like to test these things out so its been washed a few times and tumble dried also and still is like new and kept its shape, so we are really impressed that something so small and that it is portable to nans house or on holiday is a great buy.

It’s a big hit in our house and hope it is in your house also.

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