Multi-Sensory World believes that targeting specific senses with your choice of products will allow you to direct the benefits towards a sensory experience you are aiming to achieve. Whilst the common five senses (sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell) are fundamental, we have included an additional two senses which are critical to the development of adults and children: balance and movement.

Sensory Sense of Touch

Touch also known as tactile perception

Touch is formed from several modalities including pressure, skin stretch, vibration and temperature. By using tactile products the brain is stimulated through touch and helps block out sensory overloads from the outside world. Promoting relaxation, improved concentration and communication.

Sensory Sense of Movement

Movement also known as proprioception

Movement is the process that initiates a voluntary motor response. Movement is now considered the sixth senses. Our fun and imaginative products will help develop motor skills, balance, co-ordination, strength and body awareness.

Sensory Sense of Smell


Smell is the detection of odour or scent. Smell is strongly linked to emotion. We provide a variety of scented items that stimulate the sense of smell and can elevate mood, promote calm and relaxation and improve

Sensory Sense of Taste


Taste comes from the taste buds on our tongue. Not only can your tongue taste, but it also picks up texture. Our high quality range of chew jewellery provide much needed sensory input aiding to reduced anxiety and

Sensory Sense of Sight


Sight interprets the information from visible light, colour and shape to build a representation of the world surrounding the body. Our wide range of visual products help to stimulate and develop sight through light, glows and brightly coloured products, proven to improve concentration, hand to eye co-ordination, focus, interaction, colour recognition and tracking.

Sensory Sense of Hearing


Sound travels through the ear and is interpreted by the brain, effecting perception of the world around us through our hearing. Our range of sensory product grab attention and provide distraction from anxiety or negative behaviour. Resulting in improved focus and concentration and encouraging imitation, creative thinking, confidence and self-expression.

Sensory Sense of Balance


Balance refers to body awareness and centre of gravity. Our products aid balance by building strength evening weight distribution through the body. These products will encourage calmness, enhance motor skills, improve muscle and core strength, aid balance, body awareness and build confidence.