WELCOME to our new website - www.multi-sensoryworld.co.uk -  we are all very excited about this launch and how much more we can now do with it to make your sensory shopping experience more enjoyable.

So this first blog is all about Multi-Sensory World, a family run business.


I am Clare I do the day to day running of Multi-Sensory World - I have a real passion for helping families with children with special needs, especially as I know how little there is out there for families like my own. I am a single momma to a gorgeous 9 year old boy who has given us the inspiration to start Multi-Sensory World.


Our accountant, my business partner, also my Dad and amazing Grandad to my little man is called Chris. He is our money man - keeping a check on our spending and making sure we are providing you sensory products in the most efficient way.


Amy is our amazing lady who makes our bespoke items and has helped us out so much whilst starting Multi-Sensory World and also has a child with special needs herself. Amy is now taking on extra roles and is my saviour when it comes to technology especially computers as I may have great ideas in my head but getting them on a computer is another thing completely!

We also have the lovely Gilly who makes some of our other bespoke items she is Amy’s mum and has a grandson who is autistic and also works in a school - so has a brilliant understanding of special needs.


And then there is the BOSS. Harvey my little man, he is epileptic and currently being assessed for other things he has a lot of sensory issues, including toe-walking, chewing continuously all day, has a lot of seeker behaviour and has a very crazily high pain threshold. He has an amazing memory for the things he likes eg. Pokemon, minecraft, Utube and birds which is a new one we are trying to embrace to get us out in the fresh air a bit more.

Harvey is the reason we started Multi-Sensory World, with the aim to help him out, whilst also helping others too. It’s been a long journey but with his inspiration, we have a great line-up of sensory products of which he has tested them all. My absolutely amazing super star :-)

We have a few extra helpers that are amazing between babysitting for us, helping with stock takes, going the post office when we have appointments and when we need extra help at events we have my mum Anne, my little brother Tom, his lovely fiancée Sarah, Amy’s husband Barry and my big brother - without all these people Multi-Sensory World would not be the success it is today.

We hope you enjoy the website and looking at all the sensory toys and products we have to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question. Bye for now :-)