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Do anxiety rings actually work and what are they?

There are many types of ring devices that can be used to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

Anxiety rings have many different names, including spinner rings, anxiety fidget rings, and some also include magnetic rings.

We have broken this guide down into anxiety rings for discrete adult rings and children toy fidget rings.

But first…what are anxiety rings and how do they work?

What is an anxiety / fidget ring and what is its purpose?

An anxiety ring is a ring that can be used as a sensory tool or a fidget toy. They are designed to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase concentration and facilitate creativity.

Anxiety / fidget rings can be used to rotate the ring around the finger, tap the ring on a table, rub the ring on the palm of the hand, or take the ring off and put it back on.

Some also feature buttons to press and things like sliders on them. They provide a physical outlet for nervous energy, which can be used to keep hands busy or simply provide a focal point for the mind to focus on.

Fidget rings have been shown to help with the symptoms of ADHD, autism, and anxiety.

Anxiety in Children

Do fidget rings help with anxiety?

Fidget toys have been a popular form of therapy for those with anxiety, but the question remains: do fidget rings actually help?

In short, fidget rings can help with anxiety. When people are feeling anxious, they may feel the need to fidget with something in their hands.

The rings help to satisfy that urge without having to reach for a more intrusive or obvious item.

The benefits of owning a fidget ring include:

  • Helps with focus
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps with creativity

What are the common features of anxiety rings?

If you are someone who likes to fidget, you might want to consider getting a fidget ring. Our collection of rings are designed with various features such as buttons, beads, and even lights that make them more interesting to fiddle with while also providing some tactile stimulation.

Adult Anxiety Rings

At Multi-Sensory World we have a collection of rings which are fashionable for adults and have a secret fidget function which can be used discreetly when needed.

Click here to see our collection

Adult Anxiety Ring

What are adult anxiety rings?

Discreet adult anxiety rings are finger rings that provide calming relaxation for adults that suffer from anxiety.

As an anxiety relief product targeted at adults, they provide a discreet, wearable therapy for those suffering from panic attacks and other mood disorders.

Most people won't even be able to notice you have one on, they are that discreet.

What are the features of a good adult anxiety ring?

A good adult anxiety ring should be made of a durable and lightweight metal. It should be comfortable and not too tight or too loose.

The type of anxiety rings we stock for adults' are able to be manipulated to be made bigger and smaller. This means that one size fits all.

For example, when flying and people are usually more anxious there is a tendency that peoples hands may swell. With our anxiety rings you can just pull it out to make it a little more comfortable to help with travel anxiety.

Fidget Rings for Kids

At Multi-Sensory World we have a collection of anxiety rings which are great for children who need something to fidget with, whilst they are concentrating on other things like schooling.

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Stress Related Fidgeting in Kids

Does Anxiety Cause Fidgeting in kids?

It's not uncommon for kids to fidget at times, but many adults are left wondering if anxiety is the culprit. Fidgeting is often a sign of anxiety, but it may also be the result of boredom or sensory seeking.

Fidget rings can be a helpful and discreet sensory tool for children to use at home and in the classroom and can be used to prevent stress or anxiety before an event and to promote focus.

What are fidget rings for kids?

Fidget rings for kids are a small, yet a helpful toy that can be used as a distraction tool.

They come in many different shapes and colors which can provide a sensory input to help calm and relax children with obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism, ADHD, ASD, anxiety issues and more.

Fidget rings have become a new trend for children who have trouble focusing. They're also a fun way for children to release their energy and help them concentrate at school.

What are the features of anxiety rings for children?

Anti anxiety rings are becoming more popular for children. Much like the adult ring, it's designed to help your little fidgeter to cope with anxiety and keep little hands busy.

There is a wide range of ring fidgets specific for children. It can be hard to determine which one will work best for your kids, however in our experience, fidgets which work best for kids are finger rings, fidget rings and our 6 sided fidget ring.

Shop for Fidget Rings in the UK

Give your fingers something to do with these anxiety rings. Sure, they make great rings and stylist accessories, but the real magic of these designs is that they are also a fidget sensory tool.

At Multi-Sensory World we have a selection of anxiety rings that are good for adults and children. Fidget rings come in many different shapes and sizes allowing users to find one that is perfect for them. For kids, we have a selection of brighter colours. For adults, we sell silver, rose gold and gold rings in a variety of styles.

Conclusion: Which Anxiety Ring Works For You?

In summary, anxiety rings are one of the most affordable anxiety management tools. They provide a sense of relief and calm for those with anxiety and panic attacks.

They help to release pent-up energy and keep your fingers busy. Anxiety relief is just a click away on our website along with a whole range of other sensory needs aids.

Fidget rings are a perfect choice for people who want to find a way to keep their hands occupied without being too distracting or disruptive.

They are also great for those who are trying to give up smoking or biting nails.

Fidget toys have been a popular choice for people looking to reduce stress and anxiety.

- You just need to find out which anxiety / fidget ring works for you!

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