Peanut Ball

Color: Blue
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An essential addition to any sensory room. Peanut ball is designed specifically to be durable enough to be “anti-burst. It can be rested on, sat on, rolled over on, exercised on and more. Perfect for building all the core muscles and motor skills whilst making therapy more fun.

Also ideal for hyperactive or fidgety people to sit on during homework, tv watching or anytime you sit on a chair as it gives them the freedom to move a little. A big favourite with sensory seekers due to all the proprioceptive feedback you receive. 

Being able to roll backwards on these to see everything upside down is also very popular with sensory seekers. 

- Helps Gross Motor Skills

- Can help people with low muscle tone

- People with Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, dyspraxia can really benefit from using this piece of fun equipment.

- Keeping therapy fun is key.

- Building up core muscles with this item is also fantastic

Comes in a variety of colours

45cm x 90cm

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