Stretchy Beanie Crocodile

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The stretchy beanie material of this crocodile toy makes it easy to manipulate and play with, while its realistic crocodile design provides a fun and engaging visual experience. The soft and squishy texture also makes it perfect for stress relief and anxiety reduction, making it a great option for both children and adults.

Our crocodile sensory toy is ideal for use in a variety of settings, from at-home play to classroom or occupational therapy sessions. Whether your child is looking to improve their motor skills, engage their senses, or simply have fun, our stretchy beanie crocodile sensory toy is the perfect choice for those with Autism and ADHD.

Research shows that individuals with Autism and ADHD often benefit from sensory play and activities that provide tactile stimulation. Our crocodile sensory toy is designed to do just that, providing a safe and enjoyable way for individuals with these conditions to engage with the world around them.

Age 3+

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