Tom Tags I can Help at Shops

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Use this child-friendly shopping list for your trips to the local shops or supermarket. Keeps children occupied, makes them feel useful and helps you get your shopping done. 

Kit contents:

  • 6 button holders
  • 40 blank buttons
  • 1 attachment loop

Check your cupboards and decide what you need on your shopping list today. Try using a different coloured tag for each type of food or shop you need to go to. Giving children their own list of items to find keeps them busy and interested and helps them to learn where to find things in the shop.

Get creative and use TomTag to learn about colours, numbers and new words whilst you’re out shopping too.

Typical users might include:


  • Children aged 3 upwards
  • Children and young people with autism/ASD
  • Teenagers, young people or adults with communication or developmental difficulties

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