Zed Sleep Aid

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Zed is a fantastic product we have found to aid sleep and for sensory seekers to feel calmer and more regulated.

Lots of children fall asleep in the car from the gentle vibrations and gentle vibration noise. Zed does exactly the same. You leave it on your mattress and the gentle vibrations go through the mattress giving the person that same feeling.

Sleep is something so many of our families struggle with and we are very excited to add this to our sensory product line up. Helpful for anyone with sleep issues, for babies, for children with autism, ADHD etc to give them some sensory input whilst sleeping to keep them more relaxed.

AWARD WINNING SLEEP AID: Sleep Aid & Vibration Therapy

- Gold – ‘Best Innovative Product Design’ at the Junior Design Awards

- Winner of ‘Best Nursery Essential Award’ at the Progressive Preschool Awards

- Bronze – ‘Baby and Toddler Sleeptime Product’ at the Made for Mums Awards

- Bronze – ‘Night-time comforter / sleep aid’ at the Made for Mums Awards

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