Sensory Diet

Well we have started a Sensory diet I have heard a lot about them and did a few exercises with Harvey before but for it be effective for sensory kiddos/adults it needs to be done every 3-4 hours so about 4 times a day but depends on the person my little man is very hyperactive so we need to do it 4 times.

So a Sensory diet is a programme which provides the brain with the correct amount of sensory information through the day. Used for people who struggle to modulate their system to either alert or calm the system. Basically if you have sensory issues you are already on quite a high alert if something you see as really bad happens e.g. The toothpaste is awful or your hair hurts being brushed then you get higher and higher and then into meltdown, the sensory diet if done correctly keeps bringing you down a bit so you don’t get to that meltdown point.

A lot of the exercises you need 2 for so I agreed with Harvey I would do it too, wow my body hurts and I’m only doing half what he is.

My little guy has an amazing amount of stamina he’s like the Duracell bunny. So the systems we are focusing on are Proprioceptive and Vestibular.

So some types of activities we are doing are press ups, sit ups, palm pushing (against each other), hopscotch, using a chin up bar lots of activities with the gym ball, headstands (not one I’m doing), tug of war, trampolining, Senseez cushion, Weighted blankets, Storm ball passing and lots of crunchy food to try and calm the chewing down a bit too.

It really has been hard work fitting one in before school 6.00am jumping around isn’t fun but the difference is completely worth it lots calmer, meltdowns are far shorter and what we call jitteriness has calmed a lot and we are doing it as a family its Gaga and Gee’s turn next over the weekend to have a go as momma’s muscles need to calm 

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