So the amount of funny looks I get when I ask suppliers for vibrating toys is hilarious and I’m immune to comments about it now…… well I think I am.
Vibration Therapy is used a lot with my little man and we have got him doing quite a few more things now from using it so we are big fans.

Multi-sensory world Mini massager
Everyone is calmed down by a nice massager, well the same is for our sensory kiddos but done in the right way it really can help with day to day things like hair washing, calming down to concentrate, sitting still and going to the hairdressers etc.

So we have used on a regular basis the mini massager and the head massagers and to make it fun I let him do it to me too (fun for me that is) in these fun times I have got him to put it on my head a few times and then done it back to him and got him more used to the noise and the sensation and kept it on longer and longer each time. Well after lots of perseverance my little guy now will sit and get his hair done in the hairdressers without the whole town knowing about it the screaming and biting and kicking used to be horrendous he’s still not happy about it but will sit there without being held down now (but we are still working on being happy about it) and the same with hair washing the neighbours now don’t think I’m trying to murder him as he is more de-sensitised to it now and calmer about the whole process.

  Multi-sensory world Senseez Cushion
Another way Vibration therapy helps in our house is the Senseez cushion he now sits to eat a meal without being all over the place and we all can enjoy a meal now. We also use it as part of his sensory diet too. These cushions are just brilliant and take just normal  AA batteries and are small enough to take out and about. We’ve had so many brilliant reviews if you have a look on our testimonials page some are on there, more recently we have let lots of local schools try out the cushions with fantastic reviews.
Vibration therapy is the way forward for tackling some of our kiddos sensory issues and lots of perseverance….. well it is in our household.

CalmingMulti-sensory worldSensory dietVibration therapy

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