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Getting little fingers to move

By Clare Meaney
on September 16, 2015

So I hear lots of people asking me about fine motor skills, firstly what are fine motor skills?

Wikipedia definition- Fine motor skill (or dexterity) is the coordination of small muscle movements—usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers—with the eyes. The complex levels of manual dexterity that humans exhibit can be attributed to and demonstrated in tasks controlled by the nervous system. Fine motor skills aid in the growth of intelligence and develop continuously throughout the stages of human development. In easy terms the muscles don’t quite do what you want them to and causes soooooo much frustration.

So they are pretty important the most obvious ways to notice fine motor skills in kids is writing, doing buttons/zips and using cutlery if they have trouble doing these things the likelihood is that there fine motor skills are under developed. If this is the case you may want to speak with school to see if they have noticed anything.

Sometimes they just need to do a few more activities like playing with putty or threading some beads to practise a bit more in other cases it can be an indicator of maybe having a condition like dyspraxia or hypermobility.

All the fidget toys help develop fine motor skills. We never go out without a rainbow orbit ball we like them for one they are very robust, squeezing them gives your hands a real work out and they are also easier to catch with small spaces in between the loops. This has really helped my son he has been a bit weak on fine motor skills and has hypermobility but is now doing great after we have worked a lot with him to develop them. #proudmommamoment

If your child has problems with fine motor skills it really can effect confidence so make practising fun we post so many ideas on our Facebook page for developing fine motor skills so that kids don’t get bored and we always love to hear about your ideas too.

A new thing we have just got to help kids with handwriting is something called a Magnatab we had so much fun trying them out recently writing with magnets and they are really sturdy we hope they will be really popular with you all. If you ever have any questions as always we are really happy to help :-)

World’s apart but getting closer each day

By Clare Meaney
on August 30, 2015

Ever thought why so many people say ‘there never used to be so many people with sensory issues, maybe they are just making it up and dramatic now’ it really annoys me.

We always used to wonder why my little man is easier whilst away on our family holidays in Romania. Reduced meltdowns, slightly more sociable and just a happier little boy running around free and then it clicked Romanian villages are similar to how England used to be lots of years ago when nobody had bad sensory issues so people say I think personally they were just managed better without people realising it.


We’ve been doing so well with the sensory diet that our lovely OT’s have helped us with, exercises 3-4 times a day for 20-30minutes. Exercises like sit ups, press ups, crab walking, exercises with the gym ball, and pull ups on the chin up bar and many more all heavy work. Running around never calms the little man down but these things do.
So children in Romania in the villages do chores helping out there families, filling up water buckets, feeding animals, picking fruit off trees, stacking up logs etc. all heavy work. In their free time they are riding bikes, climbing trees, playing in the river again all heavy work.

All these things are sensory diet exercises which could be the answer to why so many children struggle so much more with sensory issues in western countries and compared to years ago that life is busier, Xboxes, ipads and phone are very important to us all now. I’m not saying all issues go with doing the sensory diet but for us it’s been such a positive experience and has calmed down and given us a few strategies to cope better.

Going for runs is not going to calm down your sensory children and neither is doing the exercises once per day, it really is a big commitment but one we feel is benefiting our family greatly.

Life in Romania is quieter less cars, less stimulation, less additives in food, and more exercise and an all round healthier lifestyle I really love it over there unfortunately western life is creeping in more and more each time I go. These are all just my opinions but we are using the best of both worlds for us, trying to eat better and be more active, whilst using the best of the sensory toys/products available here too massagers, water beads, swings, rainbow lights, and Senseez cushions to name just a few. To try our very best that sensory issues aren’t ruling our life like they have done in the past.

The Manchester Autism Show 2015 - Laughter and Surprise

By Clare Meaney
on June 30, 2015

So it’s been a very busy few weeks for us here at Multi-sensory World getting ready to exhibit at The Manchester Autism show it’s the first time we have done this exhibition so it was a bit nerve wracking trying to work out the amount of stock needed etc. it’s clear to say we completely underestimated how popular we would be and sold out of so many things and had to keep re-stocking with other items. Our chew Jewellery section was very thin after the first day and was empty by the end of the 2 days thankfully our supplier is fantastic and we are all stocked up again now as I know a lot of you were disappointed we had already sold so many.

The amount of times we had people coming back to the stall saying ‘I didn’t see this before’ it was a bit of a rugby scrum at times and our stall however big we have them always seems to be over flowing and a few people were pleading with us to get certain items out of the van which we did :-) Couldn’t say no.

The exhibition was brilliant unfortunately I didn’t manage to listen to even 1 talk as we were just too busy it’s great to give so many children, families and professionals the opportunity to try our products out, our stand was full of laughter and surprise. Laughter of happy children (and adults) trying out the water beads and kaleidoscope lamps surprise from parents watching their children who NEVER sit down sat on our Senseez cushions or with weighted lap pads and not moving off the seat at all. It really is lovely to see a bit of relief on parents faces as they realise that the sensory seeking can be calmed down with these simple tools.


A highlight for me was meeting the lovely people at the play doctors there products really are fantastic and it’s great to meet people with far more experience at exhibitions than ourselves to give us some insight.Also explaining to some families about Sensory diets as this has been so successful for us as a family with my little man (we will be following up in another blog on our progress soon) but so many have still never heard about it but we will keep trying to promote awareness.

We couldn’t thank the organisers enough they looked after us so much and the event city staff were also so helpful (even helped us with boxes on set up day) and we were so grateful for all the really positive feedback and compliments we received from the show about our Company, Facebook page and products and its great seeing some familiar faces popping up on our Facebook page.

Multi-sensory world- Our secret to Haircutting, Washing and Vibration Therapy

By Clare Meaney
on May 29, 2015

So the amount of funny looks I get when I ask suppliers for vibrating toys is hilarious and I’m immune to comments about it now…… well I think I am.
Vibration Therapy is used a lot with my little man and we have got him doing quite a few more things now from using it so we are big fans.

Multi-sensory world Mini massager
Everyone is calmed down by a nice massager, well the same is for our sensory kiddos but done in the right way it really can help with day to day things like hair washing, calming down to concentrate, sitting still and going to the hairdressers etc.

So we have used on a regular basis the mini massager and the head massagers and to make it fun I let him do it to me too (fun for me that is) in these fun times I have got him to put it on my head a few times and then done it back to him and got him more used to the noise and the sensation and kept it on longer and longer each time. Well after lots of perseverance my little guy now will sit and get his hair done in the hairdressers without the whole town knowing about it the screaming and biting and kicking used to be horrendous he’s still not happy about it but will sit there without being held down now (but we are still working on being happy about it) and the same with hair washing the neighbours now don’t think I’m trying to murder him as he is more de-sensitised to it now and calmer about the whole process.

  Multi-sensory world Senseez Cushion
Another way Vibration therapy helps in our house is the Senseez cushion he now sits to eat a meal without being all over the place and we all can enjoy a meal now. We also use it as part of his sensory diet too. These cushions are just brilliant and take just normal  AA batteries and are small enough to take out and about. We’ve had so many brilliant reviews if you have a look on our testimonials page some are on there, more recently we have let lots of local schools try out the cushions with fantastic reviews.
Vibration therapy is the way forward for tackling some of our kiddos sensory issues and lots of perseverance….. well it is in our household.

Multi-sensory World Sensory Diet

By Clare Meaney
on April 30, 2015

Sensory Diet

Well we have started a Sensory diet I have heard a lot about them and did a few exercises with Harvey before but for it be effective for sensory kiddos/adults it needs to be done every 3-4 hours so about 4 times a day but depends on the person my little man is very hyperactive so we need to do it 4 times.

So a Sensory diet is a programme which provides the brain with the correct amount of sensory information through the day. Used for people who struggle to modulate their system to either alert or calm the system. Basically if you have sensory issues you are already on quite a high alert if something you see as really bad happens e.g. The toothpaste is awful or your hair hurts being brushed then you get higher and higher and then into meltdown, the sensory diet if done correctly keeps bringing you down a bit so you don’t get to that meltdown point.

A lot of the exercises you need 2 for so I agreed with Harvey I would do it too, wow my body hurts and I’m only doing half what he is.

My little guy has an amazing amount of stamina he’s like the Duracell bunny. So the systems we are focusing on are Proprioceptive and Vestibular.

So some types of activities we are doing are press ups, sit ups, palm pushing (against each other), hopscotch, using a chin up bar lots of activities with the gym ball, headstands (not one I’m doing), tug of war, trampolining, Senseez cushion, Weighted blankets, Storm ball passing and lots of crunchy food to try and calm the chewing down a bit too.

It really has been hard work fitting one in before school 6.00am jumping around isn’t fun but the difference is completely worth it lots calmer, meltdowns are far shorter and what we call jitteriness has calmed a lot and we are doing it as a family its Gaga and Gee’s turn next over the weekend to have a go as momma’s muscles need to calm 

All About Us at Multi-Sensory World

By Clare Meaney
on April 28, 2015

WELCOME to our new website - -  we are all very excited about this launch and how much more we can now do with it to make your sensory shopping experience more enjoyable.

So this first blog is all about Multi-Sensory World, a family run business.


I am Clare I do the day to day running of Multi-Sensory World - I have a real passion for helping families with children with special needs, especially as I know how little there is out there for families like my own. I am a single momma to a gorgeous 9 year old boy who has given us the inspiration to start Multi-Sensory World.


Our accountant, my business partner, also my Dad and amazing Grandad to my little man is called Chris. He is our money man - keeping a check on our spending and making sure we are providing you sensory products in the most efficient way.


Amy is our amazing lady who makes our bespoke items and has helped us out so much whilst starting Multi-Sensory World and also has a child with special needs herself. Amy is now taking on extra roles and is my saviour when it comes to technology especially computers as I may have great ideas in my head but getting them on a computer is another thing completely!

We also have the lovely Gilly who makes some of our other bespoke items she is Amy’s mum and has a grandson who is autistic and also works in a school - so has a brilliant understanding of special needs.


And then there is the BOSS. Harvey my little man, he is epileptic and currently being assessed for other things he has a lot of sensory issues, including toe-walking, chewing continuously all day, has a lot of seeker behaviour and has a very crazily high pain threshold. He has an amazing memory for the things he likes eg. Pokemon, minecraft, Utube and birds which is a new one we are trying to embrace to get us out in the fresh air a bit more.

Harvey is the reason we started Multi-Sensory World, with the aim to help him out, whilst also helping others too. It’s been a long journey but with his inspiration, we have a great line-up of sensory products of which he has tested them all. My absolutely amazing super star :-)

We have a few extra helpers that are amazing between babysitting for us, helping with stock takes, going the post office when we have appointments and when we need extra help at events we have my mum Anne, my little brother Tom, his lovely fiancée Sarah, Amy’s husband Barry and my big brother - without all these people Multi-Sensory World would not be the success it is today.

We hope you enjoy the website and looking at all the sensory toys and products we have to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question. Bye for now :-)

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