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Need more sleep? Then this is the product for you.

By Clare Meaney
on January 26, 2018

Need more sleep? Fidgetbum is the product for you.

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Our Diagnosis Journey

By Clare Meaney
on January 23, 2018

A sneak peak into our Diagnosis Journey.

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Kickstarter Product Review- Fidget Flippers

By Clare Meaney
on September 13, 2017

So we are very excited to of been asked to do a review of the new fidget flippers it is a new product that is currently on Kickstarter and we are certainly won over.

Fidget Flippers- Multi-sensory world

To look at they don't look like anything special and are very discreet and small but once we started using them we were pretty hooked. H (my son 11) and myself have been trying them out. I'm just naturally a fidget always messing around with something or needing to play with something when I'm doing a talk for work my hands are never still. H has a few various special needs he is a very fidgety guy and has had a numerous amount of fidgets over the years now as he's getting older we are looking for more discreet products. Fidget flippers really fulfil this criteria.

  They can be used in a variety of ways and I like that they are very versatile depending on need. Its such a simple idea but really is an amazing fidget toy.

H really likes the texture of it and also loves the small sound it makes, which usually he hates noises but this noise seems to be calming as he was holding it close to his ear. It also gives a slight vibration on the pen being used which feels good. Unlike the fidget spinners they aren't distracting for others so would be perfect in classrooms or where your needing the fidget to be more discreet. Remember children with sensory issues grow into adults with sensory issues and still need support and products so we are always looking for new things. 

Fidget Flipper

Fidget Flipper- Kickstarter- Multi-sensory World

Kickstarter is where the company is raising money to develop it. So they need your help to pledge to buy a set if you would like to  click here

A big thank you to Dominic the designer for this cool product :-)

From Clare and H 




Guest Blog- Transition to high school by Pippa

By Clare Meaney
on September 04, 2017

Transition to high school...


Age 11 yrs, 4 months, oldest son is getting ready for high school!  Frontal lobe brain injury, dyspraxia, mild learning difficulties and a bunch of sensory issues accompany him wherever he goes! 


So checklist...


M&S uniform (with wonderful adaptations - hidden velcro behind shirt buttons and pull on trousers!  Although we wonder if people will laugh at the adaptations as they may have laughed at his inability to do the buttons and zips as he is bound to show the world his "special" clothes!) tick on the checklist

Clip on tie, tick

Slip on stylish shoes, tick

Know some other kids in first year, tick


World of sensory issues exploding, tick


So, he... 

Must wear one sock

Must eat frequently, soft, bland, easy foods

Must sleep in mum's bed

Must hide from our emotions watching Minecraft in YouTube


So, to deal with this first, quite  adult, transition, and as it's the end of an active summer holiday, we have come to some agreements.


  •  Food must be prepared by himself (we don't generally keep processed food in the house now cos he has no off button for this kind of food) and tidied away.
  •  OK to sleep in mum's bed, let's face it, he won't want to do that forever.  Adding lots of heavy bedding means a good night's sleep for all of us!
  •  YouTube is allowed after useful, responsible jobs are done, like grass cutting, for an agreed time, stopped by a noisy timer.  This "coincidentally" happens about an hour before dinner, so there is an obvious new thing to do at the end of the time, and I get to make dinner in peace!
  • And as for the one sock? Well, I bought 20 pairs the same on offer in sports shop for £4.00 all in, so all boys can wear them and no one cares about hidden or lost socks anymore.  (And pairing them after laundry can be done by us all, yay!)


Fidget spinners are the go-to choice, red, silver, light up, heavy or light, useful to distract if anxious, and to use for challenges, eg give your brothers a complement before it stops spinning, count in 2s or 5s etc before it stops.


Zip bracelets are great if he's a bit jittery, and are super for licking too!  Don't think they would survive much chewing, but we are not at chewy behaviour just now.


So the countdown is on... First day approaches.   Let's see what the new term brings. (And how many very expensive uniforms will be lost eek!)

Christmas Top 15 at Multi-sensory World

By Clare Meaney
on November 13, 2016

So we get asked over and over which are our most Popular products well here is a quick run down of a few our favourites

At Number 15

Monster Feet- Multi-sensory world-

We have our new product monster feet I can't wait for all the photos of these on Christmas morning these are great for climbers, we all know a little or big one who will not stop the climbing. Which can be a real nightmare visiting family so these give that same sensation and are a bit more manageable. £9

Number 14

Switch Lights have always been a popular nightlight but even more popular over Christmas time for stocking filler gifts. We have also had a lot of families getting them for sensory boards they are making and also for people with Dementia. Great for taking out and about with you. Only £3.50

Number 13

Colour Code is one of our new Logic games that is brilliant for Visual Perception and fun for the whole family. £17.50

Number 12

Brilliant time to get these Recordable Wall Panels perfect for an organised new Year whether its for a school or at home these can have so many uses. £25

Number 11

Tom Tags have been a new product for us this Year and we are so happy with them. They have been a big help personally to us with daily self care routines. And we have been so happy about the new Christmas/Birthday Set From £12

Number 10

Star light Projector- Multi-sensory world

These are a beautiful new Sensory Light we have found that is not only a lovely projector but lights up on the inside of the light with stars to make it the perfect gift for the kids who have everything, who doesn't love glow up things. £15

Number 9

Fidget flip mirror-

For repetative playing this is our most popular a lot of Autistic children really do love this product and the mirror and colours make it a fun learning tool also £6

Number 8

Twiddles- Multi-sensory world-

These have been our most popular Fidget Toy this year we were getting a little bit bored of tangle toys and this has helped so many kids in school and for calming anxiety. They come in different sizes and different colours also From £5

Number 7

Christmas Putty is in just this week and already everyone is going wild for it we can't seem to keep it in stock for long so get this very quickly and its only £3

Number 6

Colour changing egg- Multi-sensory world-

LED Colour changing eggs are always a lovely simple gift, even for cousins, and friends kids and at only £4 you can't go wrong with these

Number 5

Smartmax- Multi-sensory world-

These are a really sturdy magnetic set for age 0 and upwards which makes it a perfect gift, educational as well as fun £33

Number 4

Infinity Mirror- Multi-sensory world-

This is my favourite i love to see kids faces when they look into this amazing light that can be hung on the wall or just held £12


Number 3

Blizzard bubbles- Multi-sensory World

Bubble Blizzard's are our Number 1 stocking filler this year i think and once you run out of the bubble solution use washing up liquid to create many more fun mini bubbles. £2.50

Number 2

Well i never realised how popular these shuffle cars would be.... brilliant for proprioceptive input and a very fun present for very active Sensory Seekers £45

Number 1

Well  our number 1 this is going to be keeping a lot of little and big kids quiet this Christmas. At all events we have been to this has been our number 1 seller its brilliant for age 6+ but we have so many adults loving it too. Some families are even buying a couple of them to play on game nights and only £8.50

Hope this gives you all lots of ideas for your Christmas shopping now for the whole family


Brushing teeth- Yes its torturous for our sensory kiddos

By Clare Meaney
on September 04, 2016

We have soooo many asking about brushing teeth we too used to have a nightmare with this, screaming and really extreme violent behaviour twice a day, putting my son in such a bad mood before school or going anywhere and again just before bedtime became such a nightmare, sending him so hyper it would then take me ages to calm him down again.
To be honest I thought he was just being a bit of a pain (like all us parents do when we are busy with daily life and not recognising that actually my Sensory Kiddo is not being naughty he's actually really struggling) We tried every toothpaste we could find but none of them helped with the constant war on teeth.
Well you will be happy to know my son age 10 now just goes and brushes his teeth. He's never gonna be a big fan of it but he can cope with it now, without the whole street knowing it's that time of day again.
How did we do it? We met the lovely ladies from Oranurse(We love them here at Multi-sensory World they are always so friendly and helpful) I remember the first time I met them I was so excited to try the unflavoured toothpaste with my son because as they explained about it realisation hit actually he's not been being a pain it was actually really distressing for him with the other toothpastes we had been trying.
Oranurse Toothpaste- Multi-sensory World
Now he's older and can communicate better he's explained it's like he's on fire and it's burning all his  mouth and stays like that for about an hour after, so the hyper behaviour was him in pain not being a crazy hyper kid like I first thought. They also gave us a finger toothbrush, I never thought something so simple would make it far easier for him to actually feel his teeth as a lot of people with Sensory Issues struggle with Tactile Perception (feeling things properly) so seem very clumsy and struggle with motor skills. This can also be Signs of Dyspraxia but in my sons case his motor skills are very up and down depending on mood and whats going on around him at that moment so he isn't Dyspraxic but looks at times that he is really severely. The finger toothbrush has worked to give some people more independence and more control.
A few others have used the finger toothbrushes for licking as they are transparent they are pretty discreet i came up with the idea one year at the Autism show with a very desperate mum struggling with her son licking everything in sight we tried it on him at the show and his mum is now forever grateful as she no longer gets licked. I think as a company we try and find solutions more for people as we know that desperation feeling of not having a clue what to try next and want as much as possible to eliminate that feeling for families.
Finger Toothbrush- Multi-sensory World
Don't get me wrong not all children with Sensory issues struggle with brushing teeth but it is a really common thing with children with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism and lots of other Special needs and also Dementia Patients we have had some lovely success stories recently. We also sell a few variations of Toothbrush Timers Robots and Owls. To make it a visual thing to know how long 2 Minutes actually is. Perfect for visual learners.
One of our review team has recently done really well with brushing her teeth. It makes such a difference to families this small thing can cause so much distress and then puts everyone in a bad mood for the day, and believe me i don't miss the bites i used to get for trying to make him brush his teeth so its win win for everyone, just to try it out.
Oranurse- Multi-sensory World

Here is a Review from Olivia-Angel and her lovely mum. Thank you for the toothpaste and finger toothbrush. At first Olivia-Angel was a bit dubious about it, so she tasted the toothpaste with her tongue.... Now she can't get enough of cleaning her teeth!! A very happy customer :-) We check up every so often and Olivia-angel is still doing great with brushing her teeth.

We have a little guy on on review team who is trying it out now, hopefully we have the same success for him here was the first message from mum so we will give you an update on Arlo soon but it sounded very positive so far- Thank you so much for Arlo's finger toothbrush and unflavoured paste. He was over the moon to receive his parcel again! He asked could he brush his teeth straight away!! We always have difficulty with him brushing his teeth so I was really pleased! He loved both the brush and paste and has been asking to brush his teeth a few times already!

If you have any questions about the toothpaste please get in touch we have 0-3, 4+ and original toothpaste available on our website and we have just started a new thing that you can order a sample of the Unflavoured Toothpaste to give you a chance to try it first CLICK here.

Guest Blog- The Benefits of employing an Autistic Person

By Clare Meaney
on July 30, 2016

Here is  Guest Blog from Joe from Incluzy.

In the UK there are more than 700,000 individuals living with autism, however, less than 15% of these people are in full-time employment. This is a dispiriting figure when you consider the many skills and talents people with autism have, skills which are highly beneficial in the workplace.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a disease or illness and it cannot be cured - the unique elements of autism are an integral part of the person’s make-up. As it is defined across a spectrum, people with autism will all experience it in a unique way, however, it usually has some effect on how individuals communicate and interact with others. As well, it is also important to remember that autism is not a visible disability.

In 2010, The Equality Act came into force in the UK and made it unlawful for any employer to discriminate on the grounds of disability. Perhaps this has made some employers reassess their approach to autism, however, employing people with a disability is not a matter of filling quotas. Instead, the focus should be on the value each individual can bring to the prospective role. Those who fall within the spectrum of autism have a huge amount to offer companies. Individuals with autism are often excellent problem solvers; have outstanding concentration and memory skills; pay great attention to detail; and are highly dependable, just some of the traits that companies are looking for in employees.

While every applicant who applies for a job should be treated as an individual, there is common ground amongst people with autism that can be reached, which, when recognised by companies can make the hiring process run much more smoothly.

Things to consider:


Some individuals with autism will find understanding body language and facial expressions difficult and this can sometimes hinder communication.

Repetitive Behaviours

People with autism will often see the world in a different way and thus they tend to enjoy the security of familiarity and routine. This is a positive trait in a working environment.


Interaction concerns how individuals with autism behave in the presence of others. For example, if they are concerned, they may retreat within themselves; or they may sometimes appear insensitive, but only because they find it difficult to read cues from those around them.

The Interview Process

People with autism often develop a keen interest in a particular subject and become hugely knowledgeable about it. If you can discover what this interest is during the interview, and encourage the candidate to talk about it, it can help put them at ease. 

Sometimes jokes and sarcasm are not understood well by individuals with autism, as physical cues are hard for them to read. Therefore, be straightforward and express yourself clearly. Also, if there are gaps in the conversation don’t rush in to fill the silence, the person may just need a little longer to formulate their response.

The Induction Process

Once an individual with autism has been hired, there are simple steps you can take to make their first few days with you as positive an experience as possible.

  • Send induction material to the new employee early so they can take the time to read through and absorb it before they start. This will help to lessen first day nerves.
  • If possible, try to seat the person away from noise or people passing by regularly, as this can be unsettling. It’s also important to build structure into the day so individuals know what to expect.
  • People with autism can be perfectionists so it’s important to give regular feedback on how things are going and provide reassurance where necessary.

Individuals with autism tend to have strong skills in particular areas and can often outperform their peers in these capacities. It’s important therefore to tap into these strengths and allow the employee the freedom to utilise their skill-set within the working environment. When this happens much of the misunderstanding about autism falls away and employers recognise what a valuable asset the individual is to their business.

More information can can be found here.


A big thank you to Joe and the team at incluzy for there hard work and commitment to heping people with disabilies obtain jobs.

The confusing World of Chewing and Chew Jewellery

By Clare Meaney
on May 16, 2016

So you’ve read our blog about Chewing, Licking and all things Saliva but now the specifics on Chew Jewellery for you all. As a lot of you will know chewing has always been a pretty severe Sensory Issue for us. My son started the day after finding a school teacher he had got on well with was leaving after the Christmas holidays. Suddenly everything was in his mouth and he was so anxious all the time. He used to bite through jumpers and bit his hands really hard all the time and also biting people a lot (usually me) so I decided to look up how I could help him out and bought some chew jewellery online.

They were great but then only lasted 3 days so again looked for some tougher Jewellery and spent so much on all different types. Finally we found ones we were happy enough with and that my little guy could really bite hard on and we found they really helped with his anxiety and made it possible for him to now go to supermarkets, parties and the cinema.

We have tried all different types since then and have had a really good success rate on which chews work for different types of chewing so here is a rough guide for you all but if you need any specific help please get in touch with us before buying.

Chew Jewellery

All the ones we stock are BPA, lead, latex, phthalate free silicone jewellery.

We have all different colours available of the ones below also.

Dog tags- are a very nice discreet chew but they are only for very light chewers teenagers love them for the ‘cool’ factor. Some wear only 1 tag at a time or some both together. These are great for people who just need something in their mouth or bite on things like elastic bands, blu-tac that soft kind of texture.

Width - 2.8 cm
Length - 4.8 cm
Thickness 0.6 cm at thickest point

Geotags- These are a new type we are stocking a lot thicker than the dog tags but still a ‘cool’ looking one that boys and girls both like wearing and has a bit more of a texture to them that looks a bit like Tetris pieces. They give a bit more sensory stimulation for all those sensory seekers out there. These are also great for building up muscles in people with low muscle tone.

5.5cm long
3cm wide
1.5 cm deep

Realm rings- These are also new to our range they are a fidget toy as well as a chew as you can squeeze them and chew them. They have a lovely smooth glossy feel to them too and are a bit different than the other styles.

5.5cm in diameter.
1.4 cm deep
0.8 cm wide

Rain Drops- These are a bit of a tougher chew necklace not as much bounce back as the others but a nice shape. Some mums wear these for teething babies.

Height 5.7cm
Width 4.2cm (at widest point)
Thickness 1cm (at thickest point)

Eternity- These are our joint most popular chews at the moment with the button chews. The Eternity necklaces have helped us as a family out loads they are super soft in texture similar to the feel of very soft skin but still pretty tough so this one is great for those who chew material and skin either their own or other people’s skin.

Button Necklaces- This is our most robust chew for more aggressive chewers my son used to get through all chews very quickly especially when he was very anxious until we found these. They have saved me from a few nasty bites now and he really can bite down very hard for long periods of time with no damage to it. So if very hard plastic, wood or metal are the textures your seeker is going for then this is the chew for you. We have had a lot of success stories about these ones in particular as they are for the more extreme biters.

Diameter 5cm
Thickness 1.4 cm at thickest point

Chubes- These are great for putting on hoodie strings you thread them through using a hair grip(that’s what I’ve found is the easiest way) It comes with 4 chubes and a necklace inside and can also if your strong enough be put on the end of a pencil. Great for those who chew coats or hoodie strings.

Each Chube is
Length 5.5cm
Width 1.3cm
Thickness 0.4cm either side of the hole

Tread Bracelets- These are for people who would prefer the bracelet types they have a textured tread over them. These are the toughest bracelets we do in our range and we can get them in adult sizes if you ask us.

Internal diameter - 5.5cm approx.
External diameter 7.5cm approx.
Thickness approx. 1.5cm x 1cm

Zigzag Bracelets- These are a softer feel than the tread bracelets so brilliant for those sleeve chewers all jumper sleeves can now be saved with this type of chew

Diameter – 6cm

Emotichew- These bracelets are a chew and a communication aid in one. The Red side says Leave Me Be with a little angry face and the Green side says Talk to Me with a happy little face. Lots of teachers also use these in class for students to show they are struggling or need to get out the classroom or the teacher wears them as a visual for children of when they can speak with the teacher and when they need to leave her/him to do something.

Small Emotichew Internal diameter - 5.5cm approx.
Large Emotichew Internal diameter - 6.5cm approx.
thickness 5mm approx.

Hexichew- A great tough chew and fidget toy in one. Six arms, 3 with balls and 3 with loops, allowing them to be linked to each other or link the same one by bending across. These are also great for people with less mobility as they are a bit chunkier than the other designs so easier to hold.

Approx. 15 cm in total length.

So there it is Chew Jewellery explained hopefully this will help you pick the right chew for you or your child. If you need any more help with picking chews feel free to message on our facebook page, or send me an email we now work with lots of Schools, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and families so that you won’t be wasting money like we did having to try lots of different ones with no clue what was more likely to help.


Frustration about Speech Delays and How to make Therapy Fun

By Clare Meaney
on May 04, 2016

I hear from a lot of parents who have children with Sensory issues that their children have speech delays. Communication is such a big thing for anyone living an independent life and reduces frustration being able to express what we think, what we want and what we need.
I always find babies babbling a crazy thing as my son never really did this he was pretty quiet apart from when he was crying he didn’t make the baby noises. He was always behind with speech and we decided to learn Makaton to help with the process.
Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order.
Its lovely hearing about  Makaton Groups now in our local area Wirral, Hands Up with the lovely Steph, we were so lucky when my son was small that a group called Sundowns let us join in even though it is for children with Down’s Syndrome and we will always be grateful for the help they gave us at that time.
We have had a few group sessions of speech therapy over our time but funding for speech therapy as most know is a postcode lottery. Over the years his speech has got better and better but he is still very conscious about it and has had bullying in the past because of it. Kids can be cruel.
Since Home Educating I asked what would he really like to learn his answer……. ‘Learn how to speak properly so I don’t sound stupid’……. Heartbroken hearing those words I went on a momma mission (like those who know me happens quite a bit) I began researching we did the sounds test and worked out the 2 sounds we wanted to work on over this year.
Since October wow have we come on! We do blow football, we make fires that need lots of blowing to ignite them more(and of course has little boys interested) we do tongue exercises in the mirror, we use bendy straws lots, we use chews(a lot for sensory issues also) Confidence is building and we can fit it in far more than schools ever could.
Straws are a big thing in our house and the silly straws makes it all a bit fun. I think the key is to have fun with it. If my son thought he was doing speech therapy each day he probably wouldn’t do it as really it sounds boring and has been for him in the past but being silly with momma around the house with musical instruments singing lalalalala, babababa, thththth, mmmmm. So I think what I want you to realise from this blog is there is so much you can do at home whilst waiting for appointments, whilst making memories and having fun as a family.

That fear of........ Where has my child gone he was just here?

By Clare Meaney
on April 27, 2016

That 10 seconds of fear……. Blood going cold where has my child gone?

This can all be a thing of the past with your child or family member wearing a My Buddy Tag.

They are currently £42.99 on our website


Day’s out and holiday’s in the past have been so stressful for us my son will sometimes just do a runner on me when he is in sensory overload and I have to chase after him. But the most worrying time is when he just wanders off in his own little world…. There was a cat over there I wanted to see…… or I saw a Minecraft figure that I haven’t got yet and needed a better look….. Or I wanted to go swimming.

To him he can’t understand why I would be worried that I couldn’t find him. The Buddy Tag for us has calmed that down. He wears the band all the time and it’s kept on by a small little screw its waterproof so he wears it in the shower etc. you don’t have to wear it on a band you can hide it in a pocket or a coat or on a pair of shoelaces.

This is not a GPS system it is to know when your child has got too far away it links up with an app on your phone and you can change the specifics like if it touches water to send an alarm on holiday this was a massive worry for us as he would just jump in and not remember arm bands etc. also you can set the alarm to go off at different distances.

You can also have more than one tag attached at the same time so if you have twins they can both wear them, you can select vibration or different ring tones to alert you. Also the band the person wears has a panic button on, we have found this great as my son can tell me very discreetly he’s had enough when we are out. If your child is lost it will tell you there last location. And also tells you how much battery percentage you have left.

Recently like a lot of you I have been watching The A Word I think I have said on every episode ‘ohhh I wish Joe had a Buddy Tag on him’ It has highlighted the risk to parents of all children not just Autistic Children, unfortunately it can happen to anyone.

On a day out and holidays (airports especially) I have found this so helpful as also it doesn’t just have to be your phone if Grandma is taking them out she can just have the app downloaded on her phone. It has given my son a lot more independence which is what we are striving for and gave us a far less stressful holiday.

Also to be aware these don't just have to be used with just kids, people who suffer with things like alzheimers or learning difficulties could benefit from one also to keep them independent as long as possible.

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